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Allure x khaadi khaas

Inspired by the rich Pakistani culture and heritage, Allure By MHT has joined hands with Khaadi Khaas to bring a bespoke luxe collection that will simply add to your persona this festive season.
A creative representation of our identity featuring intriguing ideas and craftsmanship, the collection is anchored in culture and patriotism. Incorporating four core elements including:
- a bird that has been intricately crafted that resonates our independence and freedom.
- Coins inspired by the Pakistani currency reflecting upon the ethos of unity, faith and discipline.
- Chaand sitara derived from the Pakistani flag representing a safe homeland for all.
- Hand carved textured stones that are made using old school stone carving techniques from the Indo Pak subcontinent.

From the desk of our CEO:

Made with love, Allure By MHT has come up with a dedicated collection for Khaadi Khaas. It certainly has been a pleasure working closely with them and curating designs that match Khaadi’s culturally enriched sustainable approach to modern fashion.

The collection is the fruit of our hard work. Our creative designers and skilled artisans burnt the midnight oil where every article has been carefully articulated bringing out the old world charm and our rich cultural legacy.

We believe this collection is for everyone. Featuring modern bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings that are intertwined with cultural elements yet being playful, festive and impactful.

I really hope that this collection adds a hint of flair to your festivities. I aspire to work with Khaadi in the future to create masterpieces that are bespoke, luxurious and glamorous.

Lots of love
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