Rehma Karay - Allure by MHT Official

Rehma Karay

The set of beautiful bangles are handpicked for a bold statement. Featuring a intricate setting of stones and polki, you can wear them together or individually as needed.

Starting Right To Left:

1. Round Hand Carved Stone Center Karaa: This Karaa is adjustable and comes with a red round hand carved stone with polki and green enamel around the edges.

Size: Adjustable

2. Full Gold Polki Karaa: A bespoke statement, the full gold polki kaara is impactful and impressive. Completed with faux pearls around the edges, it makes a statement.

Size: 2.5

3. Red Stone Karaa: The last of the lot, the red stone karaa features a beautiful setting of stones completed with faux pearls.

Size: 2.5

Please Note: the green and red karaa can be purchased as a separate product listed on our site.